Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to rent an inflatable?

Please refer to the safety guidlines and instructions that come with your rented inflatable to ensure safe use and operation. Our staff is trained in the safe installation of inflatable units. If you would like you may hire one of our staff to monitor the safe usage of the inflatable at your event for only $30/hour.

How far in advance can I reserve a jumper?

As soon as possible. Our jumpers are booked first come first served, all we need to know is when and where your event will take place, as well as the jumpers you prefer.

Is there a deposit required to place my reservation?

Yes, there is a deposit of 50% of the total rental amount (minimum $50) due at the time you place your reservation. A credit card is required to pay for your deposit. The remainder of your rental is due the day of your event and is either payable with the same credit card you used for your deposit, or in cash at the time of delivery.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my reservation?

Once we reserve an item for you for a particular day, we begin turning away other customers who also want that item. Because of this, all deposits are non-refundable in the case of cancellation. Refunds may be given for cancellations due to bad weather. Please see our bad weather policy below.

What happens if there is bad weather coming on the day of my event?

We monitor every morning before we make deliveries.

If there is a 50% or greater chance of rain during the time of your event, you may decide to cancel your reservation. All cancellations MUST be made before 8:00am. You, the customer are responsible for cancelling due to rain. To cancel, please call our office at 844-469-5867 before 8:00am and leave a voice mail. Your rental deposit will be refunded for cancellations made due to a 50% or greater chance of rain, or you may choose to reschedule your event.

If the forecast on calls for winds exceeding 20mph in your area, we will call the morning of your event to cancel your reservation. Please remember, it is not safe for inflatables to operate in high winds, so this policy is for the safety of you and your children. Deposits will be refunded for cancellations due to high winds, or you may choose to reschedule your event.

If the forecast on calls for temperatures below 32 degrees for the time of your event, we will call the morning of your event to cancel your reservation. Deposits will be refunded for cancellations due to temperatures below 32 degrees, or you may choose to reschedule your event.

What happens if it rains while the jumper is up?

You must deflate and unplug the jumper and cover it with the tarp we leave with the unit. Once it stops raining, dry the unit, if it is not dry it may be very slippery. Do not allow anyone to jump in the jumper until it is dry.

What if it is windy?

If winds exceed 20 mph deflate the unit immediately until the conditions are safe.

Are you insured?

Yes we are. We can issue you or your group a certificate of insurance listing you as additional insured for $50 processing charge.

What is the best location for my inflatable?

The best place for set up would be a level grassy area. All jumpers are anchored down. If you need to set up on concrete please let us know during checkout (there may be an additional charge). Make sure there are no sprinkler lines or utilities close to the perimeter of the inflatable. It is the customers responsibility to have all utilities marked prior to delivery. Call 811 3-4 days before your event to have your utilities marked (this is a free service). Please do not run sprinklers or mow lawn the same day in the set up area. Please make sure the set up area is clear of any debris. It is the customer's responsibility to clean area prior to set up. We cannot set up in on sand or gravel.

Can I rent inflatables for a public event?

The short answer is yes, we are happy to serve your public event. A public event is defined as an event that is open for any member of the public to attend with, or without a ticket or admission fee. The State of Illinois regulates inflables used at public events as if they were amusement attractions such as carnival rides or roller coasters. Along with this regulation there are special rules implemented by the State that we must follow. Please call and speak to one of our customer service representatives and let them know that you are planning a public event so that we can make sure all of the State of Illinois' rules and regulations are being followed for your event.

Will you deliver my inflatable to a park?

We typically do not deliver to parks for private events. If you are planning a public event on public property such as a park please call our office for a quote.

Will you deliver my inflatable to an apartment complex?

We do deliver to apartment complexes, however it is your responsibility as the renter to obtain permission from your landlord or property manager prior to placing your order. Orders cancelled due to denial of permission from your landlord or property manager will forfeit their deposit.

Can I pick up rentals directly?

We do not offer pick ups. We want to make sure the unit is installed properly to meet our safety standards. An associate of Jumpers Island will give a full safety orientation during setup.

Can I come by and see your products?

The best way to see our products is to visit our website. We can send additional pictures at your request.

Is there a delivery fee?

If your event is in Dekalb, Sycamore or Cortland, delivery is free. Other areas may have a nominal delivery fee to cover additional fuel and time required to deliver your inflatable. You may see delivery fees for your area when you add items to your cart.

I can't find my town on the list during checkout. Will you deliver there?

In short, yes we most likely will. Please call our office at 844-469-5867 so we may manually input your order and calculate a delivery fee.

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