Updated Policies for COVID-19 Response

At Jumpers Island we have always taken the cleanliness and sanitation very seriously. Read more below about what we are doing to make sure our customers stay safe and our inflatables stay clean.

About Gov. Pritzker's Executive Order 2020-32

Section 1. Public Health Requirements for Individuals Leaving Home and for Businesses

Requirements for non-essential stores. Retail stores not designated as Essential Businesses and Operations may re-open for the limited purposes of fulfilling telephone and online orders through pick-up outside the store and delivery -- which are deemed to be Minimum Basic Operations. Employees working in the store must follow the social Distancing Requirements, and must wear a face covering when they may come within six feet of another employee or a customer.

**Jumpers Island is operating as a "non-essential store" and will be delivering products to residences for private use only. All delivery personnel will be wearing face masks during delivery and pickup up of equipment. Customers are able to complete every aspect of their order online, so no person-to-person contact will be need to be made with the customer at the time of delivery.**

Section 2. Stay at Home; Social Distancing Requirements; and Essential Businesses and Operations

All public and private gatherings of any number of people occurring outside a single household or living unit are prohibited, except for the limited purposes permitted by this Executive Order. Pursuant to current guidance from the CDC, any gathering of more than ten people is prohibited unless exempted by this Executive Order. Nothing in this Executive Order prohibits the gathering of members of a household or residence.

**Customers must certify when placing their order online that rentals will only be used for the purpose of private gatherings limited to members of a given household or residence at that household or residence. Jumpers Island will immediately cancel any orders which are not compliant with the Governor's Executive Order.**

No-Contact Delivery and Pickup Policy

To remain compliant with the Governor's Executive Order, Jumpers Island will be making "no-contact" deliveries and pickups. Orders may be placed online in advance. Customers will be asked to tell us where in their yard they would like the inflatable to be placed. We ask that customers please stay indoors during delivery and pickup of the rental items to minimize contact. In order to comply with the "no-contact" delivery restrictions we are not accepting cash payments at this time. All payments must be made online via credit card.

Cleaning Policies and Procedures

Jumpers Island has always cleaned every inflatable after each rental using a cleaning solution which kills bacteria, fungus, and viruses. We are now adding an additional cleaning step. Each inflatable will receive a second cleaning after it has been delivered to your property. Our delivery staff will clean the inflatable after it is set up so that you can be absolutely certain that it is clean.

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